By: Dave Proulx

10 Tips To Get The Most Money When You Sell Your Home

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When you are getting your home ready for the market, think in terms of making improvements that will add more value than they cost. Here are some of the highest value-for-money improvements you can make:
1.   De-Clutter And De-Personalize. Your home should look almost sparse to give the best impression of available space to buyers. This means storing or getting rid of extraneous furniture & knick-knacks. Put away family photos and anything else that is uniquely yours. You want the buyers to feel, subconsciously, that they are walking in to their new home, and your personal stuff will quickly burst that bubble.
2.  Re-Paint. Walls and trims that haven’t been painted for a while, along with walls that are painted in a dark colour, should be re-painted. Neutral colours are best; a professional home stager can advise on the latest colours that are best for home selling.
3.  Fix Whatever Is Broken. Replace or repair appliances, fixtures or cabinetry that are damaged or not working properly. A buyer will mentally subtract from the offer price an amount far greater than your cost to repair or replace.
4.  Replace Light Fixtures. A professional home stager can recommend stylish and reasonably priced light fixtures that will significantly improve the appeal of your principal rooms.
5.  Update Your Kitchen. In terms of getting the most money for your house, the kitchen is the single most important room. If it’s dated, you don’t necessarily need to completely renovate, but you should consider the following:

6.  Update Your Bathrooms. Right after the kitchen in order of importance to value are the bathrooms. Once again, you need not necessarily completely renovate, but you should consider the following updates:

7.  Replace Flooring. Worn or dated broadloom can be easily and inexpensively replaced with neutral colour broadloom or laminate flooring.  Badly worn hardwood or laminate floors should also be replaced. Damaged or unattractive flooring will subtract value far out of proportion to the replacement cost.
8. Spruce Up The Exterior. It’s no understatement that a bad first impression from the outside can turn off buyers no matter how great your home looks inside. Paint & touch up the exterior of the house (especially the front), cut the grass & remove the weeds, and consider doing a bit of soft landscaping, if only by adding some potted flowers. Curb appeal matters!
9.  Clean The House. Everything including windows should be thoroughly cleaned – invest in a professional cleaning service so your home sparkles!
10. Stage Your Home. Invest in a professional home staging service – they know how to make your home appealing to the widest possible audience without being controversial. There is definitely an art to effective home staging; a well staged home will look stunning in the on-line photos and will attract more buyers to come and see it.
If all of this sounds too overwhelming, your Realtor can help you to prioritize which improvements are the most important, and can suggest contractors to help you get the work done quickly and at the lowest cost.